“Love, the Magician” is the original masterpiece of renowned composer Manuel de Falla, a play for orchestra of highlighted Andaluz nature, premiered in 1914-1915 and 1921-1925 with a 30 minutes duration.

The music contains moments of great beauty and originality, with three short songs for mezzo-soprano. The repertoire includes the famous Fire dance ritual, Song of the will-ó-the-Wisp, and Dance of Terror.

Siudy Garrido, artistic director and choreographer, tells this magical story of spells and sorcery from the perspective of flamenco, in which the voice of the mezzo-soprano singer is substituted by the renowned flamenco Singer “Argentina”, and along the original music prelude by Spanish guitarist José Luis de la Paz, the composition is taken to a 45 min duration, bringing the audience closer to the flamenco colors that Falla was passionate about.

This staging was launched in the Walt Disney Concert Hall of Los Angeles, with the LA PHIL conducted by maestro Gustavo Dudamel, and a special collaboration from dancer Farruquito in the character of Carmelo.

The original performance stages a cast comprised of 12 artists (9 dancers and 3 flamenco musicians) that accompany the philharmonic.

“Love, the Magician” tells the story of Candelas, a young widowed gipsy tormented by the spectrum of her late husband, and her struggle to adapt to life without him.

Duration: I ACT 45 minutes

“For sheer theatricality, however, nothing this season can top the staging of “El Amor Brujo.” Combining the familiar ballet with material Falla wrote for an early version, including more songs, the expanded production uses the Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater not only for a prelude to introduce the main characters (accompanied by guitarist Jose Luis de la Paz, who wrote the introductory music, and percussionist Diego Alvarez) but to add true flamenco flavor to the entire dance-story. Flamenco singer Argentina voiced the songs with a combination of raw power and finesse.” AP 2016

“Garrido, the daughter of celebrated dancer and instructor Siudy Quintero, was mesmerizing in the third act, as was the corps de ballet under her artistic direction, exhibiting a masterful, full-body command and delivering intense emotion and electricity throughout the 45-minute set of “El Amor Brujo.” BILLBOARD 2015

“The new introduction included Garrido’s solo dance as a widow in black in ecstatic mourning. It was mesmerizing…” LOS ANGELES TIMES 2015

At dusk, souls in grief pray for the eternal rest of he who is no longer there… a drowned scream filled with pain invades the souls of two women that debated the love of one man… The widow: Candelas, and the lover: Lucia.

“Love, the Magician” tells the story of Candelas, a young widowed gipsy tormented by the spectrum of her late husband, and her struggle to adapt to life without him.

Invaded by fear, Candelas is confused by reality and spirituality, where the limits between desire and the pain of heartbreak. drive her to madness.

Carmelo, former friend of Candelas, loves her in silence and regrets watching Candelas suffering by the mourning of one who never loved her back, the cause of her sorrow in life and now in death. Only the spells, Lucia’s redemption and sorcery will free Candelas from such a hex.

  • Wake and procession (flamenco extract)
  • Introduction and scene
  • In the Cave
  • Song of the suffering love
  • The apparition
  • Dance of Terror
  • The magic circle: Romance of the fisherman
  • At midnight: The spells
  • Fire dance ritual
  • Scene
  • Song of the will-ó-the-Wisp
  • Pantomime
  • Dance of the game of love
  • Finale: The bells of Dawn

  • Artistic director and choreography: Siudy Garrido
  • Music: Manuel de Falla
  • Flamenco music extracts: José Luis de la Paz
  • Lighting design: Pablo Santiago
  • Costume design: Siudy Garrido y Maritza Filomena Fernandez


  • Candelas: Siudy Garrido
  • Candelas Soul: Argentina
  • Carmelo: Farruquito (Special Collaboration)
  • Spectrum: George Akram
  • Lucia: Natalia Novela
  • Town and death: Analí Alcantara/ Patricia Cinquemani/ Adriana Olivares/ María Corina Salcedo/ Claudia González
  • Musicians: José Luis de la Paz & Diego Álvarez “El Negro”

Duration: I ACT 45 minutes

Cast: 12 artists

Technical and production team: 3 people